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Mar 3, 2012 6:00pm EST
there today. >>> the storms that hit alabama also swept through indiana, and tonight there's a search for survivors. some towns were leveled. fox's craig boswell is marysville, indiana, one of the hardest hit communities. >> reporter: families here are sharing survivor stories while neighboring communities are mourning those who have lost. lives change here forever and it all happened in a matter of moments. there's a new reality here, in a town ravaged by the tornadoes friday. concrete slabs where homes used to be, some just shells. stunned homeowners digging through what remains. >> you can't believe it until you see it with your eyes. >> it's just heartbreaking. >> this amateur video was shot friday in indiana. those who saw it say the giant funnel cloud moving eastward seemed to grow in size by the minute. >> i couldn't take my eyes off it. i couldn't even take cover. it was mesmerizing and scary at the same time. >> storms cut destruction, killing more than a dozen people. back in marysville, the sound every chainsaws are echoing across the town of 2,000 people. officers with the
Mar 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
across five states. in indiana, members of the indianapolis colts join to help clean up and giving people in the battered area hope for their community. >> that hope, you know, this is tragic and there is still hope, you know, we have friends and folks like the salvation army and the other agencies that will help you through this. >> and as people continue to pick up the pieces, they will get help from the president. yesterday, president obama approved federal aid for counties affected by the tornados in kentucky and in indiana. >>> and it's hard to believe it was two weeks ago the tornados happened in yes. >> and nice to see the sports figures. >> speaking of weather, we have had the roll coaster weather. warm one day and cold the next and want it to stay even and when is that going it to happen? >> demanding. >> i know. >> and that is on a saturday. >> if you're like today, and we're not going to stick with that. are you okay if we don't stay even? >> don't nose dive. >> you know what? i don't call the shots. the lady called mother nature does and we'll have to see what she's going to s
Mar 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
like march 19920. enjoy the cherry blossom. >>> thank you, gwen. >>> an indiana woman, you might recall, lost her legs protecting her children. stephanie decker was hurt in the tornado that hit henryville, indian ya. she has more surgery and will have to deal with prosthetic legs but the help that the family has gotten so far has been priceless, she says. >> the support has been tremendous. it has really taken a burden off all of us and helped us to just be a family. >> decker had just could have had her children with a blanked in the basement of their own when a steel beam fell and crushed her. >>> i'm dave felton in columbus, ohio as the georgetown hoyas prepare for their game.  >>> hello, everybody, i'm land say murphy. georgetown guard was tired of the one and con so he stepped up. it was the first win for the hoyas in the tournament so they will live to play another one. the hoyas closed the deal against belmont who was on an 18-game winning streak. the result, a 15-point victory. georgetown is on to the round of 32. they will face nc state tomorrow. >>> the num
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3